The Mark

Program Description
The Mark is a rigorous, manuscript finishing school for Emerging Voices alumni. Program applications will be accepted from Sept 12-Oct 12. The four participants, chosen for the Fiction/Non-Fiction session (Jan-April 2011), will be announced on Oct 25. Project Defense, Mid-Term Review, Final Review, and Workshop are all mandatory program components.
Upon acceptance to the Mark program, each participant will be scheduled for his or her Project Defense (Nov). The Mark faculty and PEN staff will be in attendance.
Project Defense will allow Mark faculty and PEN staff to learn more about the participant’s projects. Participants should be prepared to answer a series of detailed questions regarding the creation and crafting of their piece, as well as their future goals for the project.
Following the defense, the Mark faculty and PEN staff will prescribe goals for the manuscript and a workshop schedule. Participants will receive goals in writing. Informed by the defense, the participant will be encouraged to prepare for workshop.
Workshop will begin in January 2011. The workshop will meet every other week, for eighteen weeks. Workshop sessions are three hours in length. Workshop will adhere to the schedule developed during the Project Defense stage.
Mid-Term Review will occur the week of Mar 6. All Mark participants will be scheduled for reviews with the Mark program faculty. Reviews will re- address the goals set out in the Project Defense and the participant’s progress.
Final Review will occur on May 1. The Mark faculty and PEN staff will be in attendance. The participant will present their project and a discussion will follow. The Mark faculty will play a large role in this review, especially in regards to publishing and query advice.
Program Requirements
· The Mark is an Emerging Voices alumni program. All applicants must have successfully completed an Emerging Voices fellowship.
· Associate PEN membership is mandatory for all program participants.
· Mark participants must live in Los Angeles or within reasonable driving distance of the city, allowing them to attend classes/advisor meetings without complication.
· The Mark is seeking program applicants whose manuscripts are either completed or near completion.
·      Manuscript page requirements:
·       Fiction/Non-fiction: 120 pages
·       Poetry: 40 pages