2015: The Year in Review


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PEN Center USA is unwavering in the belief that information saves lives—the tenet that guides our actions in advocating for imperiled writers through the Freedom to Write (FTW) Advocacy Network. The Advocacy Network expands on cases of global concern that are initiated by PEN International's team of investigators, bringing to light many attempts to limit or suppress the right to free expression of ideas and literature.

The FTW Advocacy Network focuses primarily on writers who are currently threatened or censored, or have been imprisoned or killed, though in some cases, current event are of a broader nature than those concerning a specific writer. If the circumstance requires it, the Advocacy Network can shift to providing awareness and additional information, while still appealing to governments on behalf of specific imperiled writers.

Just in the past year, we've launched 18 Advocacy Network campaigns, and gathered thousands of signatures on behalf of imperiled writers and against governments who do not honor the international commitment to freedom of expression. By shining a spotlight on these cases, unwanted attention is cast on the offending authorities, often resulting in positive action benefiting the writer(s) in question.

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Thank you for your support in 2015!