October 2012

Bookmark This: Janet Fitch & Sam Dunn on Tin House

The Tin House blog has re-posted an essay by Janet Fitch in which she pays homage to Sam Dunn's Failing Paris. Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander, is an author evening host each year for the Emerging Voices Fellowship. Sam Dunn was the advisor for the last Mark program cycle. Read the full essay here.


RAN 67/12
October 2012

PEN In The Classroom Community Interview with Adam Somers

Adam Somers is the executive director of PEN Center USA. Below, he provides insight into the value of PITC residencies and the future of PITC.

Bookmark This: "Escaping One's Own Shadow"

In this essay, Michael Erard writes on the importance of varying the structure, tone, length, and syntax of our sentences. The essay, published in the Draft series in The New York Times, also explains the psychological basis of sentence "priming" and includes some tricks on how to avoid it. Read the full article here.