June 2013

Bookmark This: 3 Tips on Overcoming Learning Plateaus from David Foster Wallace

This week's Bookmark is taken from 99U, a Webby Award-winning website whose effort is to provide a "missing curriculum" for making ideas happen.

What Now?

Before my Final Review this Saturday, here’s a brief list of future possibilities:

1. Write the 3rd draft: Take the notes I’m given Saturday, and apply the ones I like to the manuscript, along with the inevitable changes that occur in the process.

2. Decide what to call it: Almost is the working title right now. I feel like it almost works, but there may be a better title out there somewhere.

50 Books I Want to Read

There’s the World Library’s list of the 100 Best Books of All Time.  There are many inventories of popular books each year.  There are winners of prizes large and small.  There are recommendations from friends and teachers.  There are book reviews.  I am forever feeling that I haven’t read enough, that I want to read more.

BOOKMARK THIS: Mythbusting: An Interview with Jim Krusoe

Jim Krusoe discusses his latest novel Parisfal in this Q&A with Marco Kaye from the Los Angeles Review of Books.

The Language of Music

I waited until senior year of college to complete most of my GEs. I thought they’d be easy and boring but, in my final year at UCLA, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed many of them. One of the classes I took to fulfill a requirement was Linguistics 1.

Taking A Stand Against Torture

Dr. Julie Kuck & Larry Siems


I haven’t yet met a writer who enjoys getting a rejection letter. Over the years, I’ve heard lots of tips about dealing with rejection so that it doesn’t crush your soul into small fragments. I wish I could attribute the following advice to its sources. Please believe me when I say they come from good sources—published authors, produced playwrights, writing teachers, and professors. These are people who have been around the block.