August 2014

Arrests and Excessive Police Force Used Against Journalists in Ferguson, Missouri

Police in Ferguson, MO, arrest Huffington Post reporter Ryan J.


PEN Center USA, a literary nonprofit based in Beverly Hills, is seeking an intern to provide support to the organization's staff. Ideal candidates will be aware of PEN Center USA's activities, with a strong interest in PEN's impact in Los Angeles, and a desire to support the literary community. The office is a hands-on setting focused on publishing, literary events, digital outreach, and media analysis. 
For instance, the PEN Center USA Intern will work directly with PEN Center USA's Program Coordin

Myanmar: Five journalists sentenced to 10 years in prison

Myanmar: Five journalists sentenced to 10 years in prison; 50 others face charges for a peaceful protest.               
Journalists in Myanmar held silent protest outside Myanmar Peace Center outside Yangon on July 12, 2014. (Photo-AFP)

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Bev Magennis, 2010 Emerging Voices Alum, writes about her experience of being a visual artist for many years before venturing into writing.

Bookmark This: Johnny Alfi On Unearthing His Real Desire

Johnny Alfi, 2012 Emerging Voices Alum, writes about how his former lack of ambition (dead end jobs, 18 failed job interviews) obscured his real desire to be a writer. With the help of his friends, the Emerging Voices Fellowship became the push he needed to pursue his dream.