Anna Journey


A Pinch of Audacity: An Existential Writing Crisis by Mehnaz Turner

So this weekend I had a bit of an existential crisis with my manuscript of poems in progress. I showed up at the beautiful home of my instructor, Anna Journey, in a somewhat dejected mood. I was feeling a bit uninspired, and it only took about ten minutes and three sips of coffee before I was spilling my concerns: I was experiencing a sense of ennui with writing, revision, and book construction. Did it really matter that I got my work out there? Why did I bother to write at all?

Monday Feature: "Circle" by Victoria Chang

Today's featured book comes from Mark Instructor Anna Journey's syllabus.

Revising My Manuscript for the Midterm Review by Mehnaz Turner

So this week I’m in the process of revising my poetry manuscript for the midterm review in the Mark Program. I have to turn in an updated manuscript by Friday, and it’s got to be about twenty-five pages shorter than when I started...when it was close to ninety-five pages. It’s also got to be more intentionally organized. That’s the purpose of this program, to get me to reflect on manuscript construction, my poems, and how to put together a book of poetic fragments. The process has been exciting yet daunting.


The Mark Program is pleased to present a generative poetry workshop with Mark instructor Anna Journey.

All participants must be able to attend both sessions.

Faculty Interview: Anna Journey

Anna Journey is the author of the collection If Birds Gather Your Hair for Nesting (University of Georgia Press, 2009), selected by Thomas Lux for the National Poetry Series.

Monday Feature: "Taste of Cherry" by Kara Candito

Today we're featuring the poetry collection Taste of Cherry by Kara Candito, a reading assignment from Mehnaz's syllabus. Per Mark Instructor Anna Journey's recommendation, Taste of Cherry is an excellent selection for any serious poet putting together a collection. Mehnaz is scheduled to Skype with Candito at the end of September.

Meet the Faculty

Gabrielle Calvocoressi
Anna Journey

Each cycle of the Mark Program is guided by two faculty members, an instructor and an advisor. We are lucky enough to have Gabrielle Calvocoressi and Anna Journey at the helm of the 2011 Poetry Cycle.