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Bookmark This: Stock Your Library With These Short Novels

Everyone is always pressed for time. If reading that epic 700-page tome is bringing you down, Electric Literature has the perfect list of 17 short novels you can read in a day.

Bookmark This: Brandon Jordan Brown on the Legitimacy of Art

2014 Emerging Voices Fellow Brandon Jordan Brown writes about his love for poetry and the confidence boost he received when he was awarded the fellowship. 
You can still be a part of our Kickstarter Campaign and help poets like Brandon Jordan Brown.

Bookmark This: Andrés Reconco on Unveiling Truths

In this essay, 2014 Emerging Voices Fellow Andrés Reconco describes how, before his fellowship, he'd felt unable to share his writing -- what he calls the “beastly essence” within him. It was through the fellowship that Andrés would find his voice and a community to lean on. We are down to the wire and have just over 50 hours left to raise funding to support writers like Andrés Reconco.

Bookmark This: Margaret Spilman On Your Mentor

2014 Emerging Voices Fellow Margaret Spilman writes about her relationship with mentor Melanie Thorne. From her nervousness before their first meeting to their revealing chats on the business of writing, Margaret shares how the mentorship was by far one of the most important aspects of the fellowship.
"Everyone needs someone in their corner, someone who has been there before.

Bookmark This: Victor Vazquez on Validation

Bookmark This: Bev Magennis On Shifting From Art to Writing

Bev Magennis, 2010 Emerging Voices Alum, writes about her experience of being a visual artist for many years before venturing into writing.

Bookmark This: Johnny Alfi On Unearthing His Real Desire

Johnny Alfi, 2012 Emerging Voices Alum, writes about how his former lack of ambition (dead end jobs, 18 failed job interviews) obscured his real desire to be a writer. With the help of his friends, the Emerging Voices Fellowship became the push he needed to pursue his dream.  

Bookmark This: Chelsea Hodson on Being Mentored by Ron Carlson

Chelsea Hodson, 2012 Emerging Voices Fellow, recalls being paired with her mentor, author Ron Carlson.