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Bookmark This: Laurie Dea Owyang On Why It’s Never Too Late

Laurie Dea Owyang, 2006 Emerging Voices alum, recalls how her passion for writing lay buried for a long time as she married, raised kids, and built a successful career in human resources. But when the right push came along, that passion reignited, proving that there is never a set timetable for chasing after your dreams. 
“A voracious reader, I knew when I was ten years old that I wanted to be a writer, but life happened.

Bookmark This: Terrance Flynn on Coming Out of the Closet

Bookmark This: Bret Anthony Johnston on Rejection

In today’s Bookmark This, author Bret Anthony Johnston tackles the beast that affects all writers—rejection. In a funny essay titled “On Rejection; or Dear Author, After Careful Consideration,” Bret compares writers with skateboarders learning how to perfect jumps and spins with prolonged dedication.

Bookmark This: Jamie Schaffner on Being Lost

This week, 2011 Emerging Voices Alum Jamie Schaffner reminisces about struggling to find her place in the fellowship. Jamie explains how she found her literary footing with the help of authors Janet Fitch, Bernard Cooper, Dinah Lenney, and vocal coach Dave Thomas.

Bookmark This: Current Emerging Voices Fellow Marci Carrillo on Finding Her Literary Community

In this essay, 2014 Emerging Voices Fellow Marci Carrillo gives thanks for being introduced to a community of writers that have helped support her on her journey. It is finding a tribe of like-minded individuals, she states, that has had the most impact on her of anything she has experienced in the fellowship.
“I took a chance on myself and applied for the 2014 Emerging Voice Fellowship. I took a chance on being a writer.

Bookmark This: Shanna Mahin On Claiming A Seat At The Table

Shanna Mahin, 2008 Emerging Voices Alum, shares her experience of applying to the fellowship. After feeling completely disconnected from the writing community, she writes how the fellowship gave her the courage to begin a professional writing career. Shanna’s novel, Oh! You Pretty Things, was just sold to Dutton in a significant deal in April.

Bookmark This: Kurt Vonnegut’s Passionate Take on Censorship

Part of PEN Center USA’s mission is to defend and promote freedom of expression. Last month, PEN Center USA presented Forbidden Fruit, A Banned Literature Showcase. The event featured readings from books that have been banned or challenged in the United States. (You can view images from that event here.)

Bookmark This: Honoring Dr. Maya Angelou

Many articles have been published in the last few days honoring the passing of the prolific writer, activist, and poet Dr. Maya Angelou, who passed away yesterday at the age of 86.