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Bookmark This: Amanda Fletcher On Not Giving Up

Amanda Fletcher, 2012 Emerging Voices Fellow, describes how she turned what began as a pipe dream into a reality by letting go of her fears and doing the hard work.
“Pipe dream (noun): A hope, wish, or dream that is impossible to achieve or not practical
Canadian labor union men raised me.

Bookmark This: Sacha A. Howells On Being Chosen as an Emerging Voices Fellow

Bookmark This: Kima Jones On Being an Emerging Voices Fellow

This week, 2013 Emerging Voices Fellow Kima Jones writes about her experience of moving away from family and friends to be a part of the Emerging Voices Fellowship. Jones shares what the fellowship meant to her, from working with her mentor poet Harryette Mullen to finding a literary community.
Read her take below:

Bookmark This: Susan Straight On Writing

Author Susan Straight, recent recipient of the 2013 Robert Kirsch Award, presented by The Los Angeles Times Book Prizes, offers an honest portrayal of her own creative process for the Los Angeles Times.

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Bookmark This: “How it Adds Up” by Poet Tony Hoagland

For National Poetry Month, we are featuring the poem “How It Adds Up” by Tony Hoagland. The piece is a beautiful exploration on the elusive nature of happiness.

Bookmark This: 15 New Vocabulary Words You Need to Start Using

The folks at BuzzFeed have done writers a solid by featuring 15 underused words that we can all add to our literary repertoire. The best part of the list is that each word and definition is featured in a hilarious gif.

Bookmark This: When Are You Really Done?

Bookmark This: Everybody Has a Heartache by Joy Harjo

Bookmark This: Embrace Your Obsessions

If you're unable to make it to AWP this week, don’t fret. The AWP website has a treasure trove of great literary resources, from podcasts to news articles, all under their Magazine & Media section.