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Bookmark This: John Irving

Bookmark This: 25 Signs You're A Writer

Are you a writer? Are you sometimes not sure? Thought Catalog's Nico Lang compiled a list of traits belonging to the classic writer-type. If this describes you, you're on the right track:

Bookmark This: How to Write a Sex Scene

Author Steve Almond has some excellent rules for writing about sex. Utne has republished his three-page essay on the tricks of the trade. Here's a sampling below. Read the full text here.

Bookmark This: Literary Feuds of 2012

Woody Allen with his pet flea.

Bookmark This: The 30 Best Literary Chat-Up Lines

Just in time for AWP! has published a list of the 30 best literary pick-up lines. It's in the form of a slideshow so you'll have to visit the page to take a look. Here are some of our favorites:

Bookmark This: A Rare Interview with Don DeLillo

Image credit: Brain Pickings

We're excited to share this rare and thoroughly engrossing interview with Don DeLillo, an author who has traditionally avoided interacting with the media. Here's a great excerpt:

Bookmark This: John Steinbeck's Advice for Beginning Writers

John Steinbeck

We're excited to share this treasure from John Steinbeck, whose thoughtful reflections on the art of writing constitute an invaluable resource for all writers. Below is Steinbeck's "letter" to beginning writers:

Dear Writer:

Bookmark This: Francine Prose

Bookmark This: The (Original) Proust Questionnaire

We're big fans of "The Proust Questionnaire," Vanity Fair's serial back page interview. The format is based on a 19th century parlor game, but the magazine feature itself is named for French novelist Marcel Proust. Below we've reposted Proust's own answers from 1892.

Bookmark This: The 10 Best Narrators in Literature

Publisher's Weekly was so enamored with Oppen Porter, the narrator of Antoine Wilson's Panorama City, that they asked Antoine to list his ten favorite narrators of all time. Our current Mark program instructor introduces his list by designating two narrator types. Read on below or check out the Publisher's Weekly page.