Eric Layer


Losing Control

I can write. What I mean is that I usually have no trouble sitting down and stringing words together. Sentences beget sentences, and eventually, when I’m lucky, I find a crumb of a story. The hard part isn’t the writing, but maintaining control of it.

In Making Shapely Fiction, Jerome Stern says, “A beautifully complex story is often complex not because of a complicated surface, but because of an impressive depth.”

Avoid The Nipple

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Is the Novel Really Dead? Again?

These days, everyone’s a writer.

Not of books, but of blurbs, blogs, sound bites, tweets, texts, etc. We are communicating our own stories, day-by-day, moment-by-moment, reflecting on our everyday lives or on the flashing headlines that make truth seem stranger than fiction. So where do novels fit in in the zeitgeist?

Defending Your Life

So it begins. The final push. Having birthed the first draft, now it’s time to grow this baby into something I can be proud of; into a bound volume that can share the shelves with Shakespeare, and all the other greats and even just really good writers who’ve come before me and articulated our human condition more eloquently than I could ever hope to. So why should I try?

I don’t know.