harold terezon


Harold Exits The Mark

The Mark Program regrets to announce that harold terezón will no longer be a Mark Poetry participant this cycle. harold has accepted a teaching position in San Francisco and has decided to pursue that opportunity. Although this was unexpected, we wish harold the best and hope that he continues to work towards the completion of his very promising poetry collection. Below is a statement from harold:

The Defense by Harold Terezón

Baseball field


I arrived early to the Defense in order to avoid the much anticipated & over-hyped Carmageddon on the 405 which was to unleash a vehicular chaos of unprecedented proportions. This extra hour or so gave me the opportunity to walk to the park down the street, sit on the bleachers, look onto the lovely, empty baseball fields, & consider why I had put this collection together & applied to The Mark.

The 2011 Mark Poetry Participants

PEN Center USA and The Mark are proud to introduce the 2011 Mark Poetry Participants: