Marissa Tinloy


50 Books I Want to Read

There’s the World Library’s list of the 100 Best Books of All Time.  There are many inventories of popular books each year.  There are winners of prizes large and small.  There are recommendations from friends and teachers.  There are book reviews.  I am forever feeling that I haven’t read enough, that I want to read more.

The Language of Music

I waited until senior year of college to complete most of my GEs. I thought they’d be easy and boring but, in my final year at UCLA, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed many of them. One of the classes I took to fulfill a requirement was Linguistics 1.

Not One for Good-byes

I've never been one for good-byes. I'm the person who lingers on the curb at the airport, or stands in front of my house waving until the car disappears around the corner, or runs back inside a friend's apartment to give her another hug. But, whether I refuse to say good-bye or not, the Mark Program is going to say farewell to me on June 29th, the date of our Final Review.

Truth in Fiction

I've discovered that it's often difficult for me to describe a work-in-progress in any way that satisfies me.

I've heard that it takes an hour to write an hour-long speech, two hours to write a two-hour speech, and three hours to write a ten-minute speech. One has to really know what one wants to say in order to make it concise.


I know they aren’t cool, and I know a lot of writers hate them, but I'll admit it: I love writing prompts.

I can understand why many literary folk roll their eyes at them. Why would you want someone to tell you when and what to write about?