Mehnaz Turner


The Final Review: Wrapping Up The Mark

So this past Sunday I had my Final Review! With this blog post, I am essentially done with my six-month journey through the Mark Program. Looking back, I have to say, it has been an extraordinary experience.


So last week I submitted the final draft of my poetry manuscript to be reviewed by the Mark committee. I worked on it over Thanksgiving break. And I also worked on it the last few days before the actual deadline. I have to say this final revision process was pretty engaging and rewarding. I spent several sessions getting the manuscript more focused, and in the end I was proud of my efforts.

Desi Desi Desi: A Four-Letter Non-English Word by Mehnaz Turner

This morning at work a couple of my co-workers, Jim & Demian, came by my desk to discuss the diction in one of my facebook posts. I had used the word “desi” to describe a comedian. Heckling my word choice, Jim wondered if I was claiming allegiance to Cuban ancestry by referencing Desi Arnaz.

A Pinch of Audacity: An Existential Writing Crisis by Mehnaz Turner

So this weekend I had a bit of an existential crisis with my manuscript of poems in progress. I showed up at the beautiful home of my instructor, Anna Journey, in a somewhat dejected mood. I was feeling a bit uninspired, and it only took about ten minutes and three sips of coffee before I was spilling my concerns: I was experiencing a sense of ennui with writing, revision, and book construction. Did it really matter that I got my work out there? Why did I bother to write at all?

Mark Participant Interview: Spotlight on Mehnaz Turner

Mark Program: Can you give us a short synopsis of the project you are working on?

"Meeting Deadlines" by Mehnaz Turner

Something I’ve been struggling with lately is meeting deadlines: deadlines for revision of my work, blog posts, & sending out material. Balancing life and work and writing isn’t easy, and these days, I’ve somehow lost my ability to practice the art of juggling it all.

Taking an Aesthetic Stand to Life by Mehnaz Turner

So I’m a high school English teacher by day, and teaching has been keeping me plenty busy this past month. With the school year in full gear now, finding the time to write can at times be a challenge. I mean, I find the time. I try to make it work. I have to. But this feeling of a being a poet-artist seems to be lingering in the background as my grading piles up and lesson prepping consumes my creative juices.