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Writing Prompt Thursday: An Ancient Challenge from Poets & Writers

Ruminate on the following lines by Greek poet Aeschylus: "Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget / falls drop by drop upon the heart, / until, in our own despair, / against our will, / comes wisdom / through the awful grace of God."

Use these lines as the epigraph to a poem. Once you've finished the poem, delete the epigraph.

Writing Prompt Thursday

Today's writing prompt comes from Jacaranda Press, a small literary press that publishes helpful and creative prompts on their website.

Writing Prompt Thursday: Poetry Prompts for Fall

Today's poetry prompts are from WritingForward.com and are designed to generate poems about fall.

Below, you’ll find three lists of words. Your task is to compose a poem using all of the words from one of the lists. You can also get creative any use any of the following alternatives: