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Bookmark This: Embrace Your Obsessions

If you're unable to make it to AWP this week, don’t fret. The AWP website has a treasure trove of great literary resources, from podcasts to news articles, all under their Magazine & Media section. We especially enjoyed this essay by short story author Steve Almond (God Bless America: StoriesCandyfreak) on how he let go of his inability to write the next “Big Novel” and turned to his obsession with candy as fuel to keep writing. Almond writes that obsessions are the “deepest forms of human meaning.”
“As an engine of literary creation, obsession has turned out to be a lot more valuable to me than any of my grandiose ambitions. Because in the end writers do their best work when they simply tell the truth about the stuff that matters to them most deeply, whether in fictional disguise or not, whether in prose or verse, whether on-line or in print.” – Steve Almond
Read the rest of the essay here.