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BOOKMARK THIS: Famous Books You Didn’t Know Were Censored

This week we have been examining banned and challenged pieces of literature that continue to face attempted censorship. Flavorwire compiled a list of famous books that most people would be surprised to find were censored. The article reads:

Most fans of literature and free speech will be well aware that censorship (or at least attempted censorship) is alive and well in the United States. Recently, a parent objected to the un-expurgated version of Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl, calling her descriptions of her budding sexuality “pornographic.” This person is rather behind the times — those passages were originally cut because of the chance that they might offend, but reinstated later on. But Frank isn’t the only author whose raciest passages were cut before publication.


Read the full article here.

PEN Center USA's Director of Programs and Events Michelle Meyering joined KCRW to discuss banned books and Forbidden Fruit, a showcase and reading featuring famously challenged titles. You can listen to the interview here.

For more information about Forbidden Fruit: A Banned Literature Showcase, please visit the Forbidden Fruit official event page.