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Bookmark This: Meet At The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books!

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books takes place this weekend at the University of Southern California. There are so many great panels to check out, including some that feature wonderful friends of the Emerging Voices Fellowship. We’re providing a quick cheat-sheet below of some of the Emerging Voices family so that you can come out to support them. Please stop by the PEN Center USA at Booth 966 to pick up the 2015 Emerging Voices Fellowship Application and more! 
Moderating Nonfiction: The Art of the Personal Story
Meghan Daum (2013 EV Mentor) will moderate panelists Dinah Lenney (2008 EV Mentor), Leo Braudy, Pico Iyer, and Leslie Jamison
Conversation 1081  10:30AM
Young Adult Fiction: Putting the Story in HiSTORY
Cecil Castelluci (2013 EV Mentor) will moderate panelists Katie Alender, Andrea Cremer, and Rachel Shukert
YA stage  12PM
Degrees of Fictionality: Representing “Truth” Across Genres
Janet Fitch  (Author Evening Host) will moderate panelists Dana Johnson (Author Evening Host), Leo Braudy, and Mark Jonathan Harris
Conversation 1022   12PM
Biography: Founders and Fighters of the Americas
Hector Tobar (2014 EV Mentor) will moderate panelists Marie Arana, Steven Hackel, and Miriam Pawel
Conversation 1012   12:30PM
Fiction: Lives in Transition
Aimee Liu (1998, 1999, and 2011 EV Mentor) will moderate panelists Natalie Baszile, Gina Frangello, and Michelle Huneven
Conversation 1073   1:30PM
Poetry: Imagination’s Sisters: Poetic Invention and Personal Narrative
Douglas Kearney (2014 EV Mentor) will join Joshua Beckman, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Carol Muske-Dukes, and moderator Eleni Sikelioanos.
Conversation 1113  2PM
He will also be reading from PATTER on the Poetry Stage at 3PM
The Truth Will Out: Getting the Story
Deanne Stillman (2004 EV Mentor) will join Annie Jacobsen, Scott C. Johnson, Walter Kirn and moderator Thomas Curwen
Conversation 1123   2PM
Publishing: Inside the Literary Magazine
Bruce Bauman (Author Evening Host) moderates panelists Jon Christensen, Tom Lutz, Robert Scheer, and Oscar Villalon
Conversation 1033   2PM
Fiction: With a Wink and a Smirk
David Kipen moderates panelists Diana Wagman (2004 EV Mentor), Jerry Stahl (2011 EV Mentor), Jim Magnuson, and Mark Haskel Smith.
Conversation 1134   3PM
Fiction: L.A. Stories
David Francis (Author Evening Host) will moderate this panel with Alex Espinoza, Janet Fitch (Author Evening Host), Matthew Spektor, and Antoine Wilson
Conversation 1084   3PM
Memoir: The Places that Make Us
Reyna Grande (2003 EV Fellow) joins Krista Bremer and Anchee Min in a panel moderated by Jane Ganahl.
Conversation 1034   3:30PM
Publishing: The Editor’s Voice
Editor Dan Smetanka  (Author Evening Host) will be moderating this panel featuring Deena Drewis, Peter Ginna, Ethan Nosowsky, and Bart Schneider
Conversation 1114   3:30PM
Nonfiction: What Shapes Us
Dinah Lenney (2008 EV Mentor) will moderate panelists Erika Hayasaki, Geoff Nicholson, and Louise Steinman
Conversation 1144   3:30PM
The Facts of Fiction: The Fiction of Facts
David L. Ulin (Author Evening Host) will moderate panelists Geoff Dyer and Ruth Ozeki
Conversation 1124   3:30PM
Fiction: Lives on the Brink
Jillian Lauren (2013 EV Mentor) joins Dan Fante (Author Evening Host), Rob Roberge, Seth Greenland, and moderator Joseph Lapin
Conversation 1075   4:30PM
Fiction: Outside the Margins
Aimee Bender (2006 EV Mentor) with Karen Joy Fowler, Jeff Vandermeer and moderator Joy Press
Conversation 11354:30PM
Young Adult Fiction: It's the End of the World as We Know It
Cecil Castellucci (2013 EV Mentor) will be moderating panelists T. Cooper, Tahereh Mafi, and Lydia Millet
Conversation 1045   4:30PM

Publishing: Reaching Readers, Reaching Writers
Michelle Meyering (Director of Programs and Events, PEN Center USA) joins Patrick Brown, David Kipen, and moderator Chris Daley
Conversation 2121   11AM
Barbara Ehrenreich, Author of Living With A Wild God in conversation with David L. Ulin (Author Evening Host)
Conversation 2062   12PM
Memoir: Trails of Life
Samantha Dunn (Author Evening Host) moderates Eileen Cronin, Elizabeth Scarboro, Ron Suskind, and Mary Williams
Conversation 2122   12:30PM
Harryette Mullen (1999, 2000, 2013 EV Mentor) will be reading from Urban Tumbleweed
on the Poetry Stage   12:30PM
Young Adult Sci-Fi: Fantastical Tales
Cecil Castellucci (2013 EV Mentor) joins Leigh Bardugo, Sarah J. Maas, Marissa Meyer, and moderator Andrew Smith
YA Stage   1:30PM
Fiction: Writing Character & Culture
Sacha Howells (2012 EV Fellow) moderates this panel with Eduardo Santiago (2004 EV Fellow), Laila Lalami, Rebecca Walker, and Margaret Wrinkle
Conversation 2043   1:30PM
Poetry: The Art of Place; The Place of Art
Harryette Mullen (1999 and 2013 EV Mentor) will join David Biespiel, Sophie Cabot Black, Matthew Zapruder, and moderator David St. John
Conversation 2113   2PM
Publishing: The Agents Speak
Betsy Amster (Author Evening Host), Bonnie Nadell (Author Evening Host), and Melissa Flashman join moderator Sara Nelson
Conversations 2114   3:30PM
Fiction: Stories of Reinvention
Sarah Sun-lien Bynum (Author Evening Host) joins Francesca Marciano, Nina Revoyr, and moderator Brighde Mullins
Conversation 2044   3PM