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Bookmark This: Ramona Ausubel Interview

Check out Ramona Ausubel discussing No One Is Here Except All of Us, the winner of the 2013 PEN Center USA Literary Award for Fiction over at Interview Magazine. Topics covered range from writing in the digital age to the influence of her grandmother and history on her fiction.

The article reads:

Writer Ramona Ausubel defies the harnesses of history in her debut novel, No One is Here Except All of Us. In 1939, an isolated Jewish village in Romania has a fantastical solution to the brutality of World War II: they pretend it doesn't exist. Characters shuffle jobs, spouses, even children; they restart their lives from day one, forgetting everything that came before. It's a nearly unbelievable premise, but the reality of the war eventually trespasses upon the village's willed ignorance and defeats their attempt at a fresh start. Human lives are not so easily altered—and old stories are not so easily forgotten. Ausubel follows her eleven-year-old narrator into adulthood, when she flees from her reclusive village to the real world. No One is Here Except All of Us is both a tale rooted in history and a dreamlike departure from reality. With lyrical prose and a poet's sensitivity, Ausubel weaves a story that is largely, itself, about stories.

Read the full interview here.