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Bookmark This: Remembering Poets Mark Strand and Claudia Emerson

This week, the literary community suffered the loss of two Pulitzer Prize-winning poets, Mark Strand and Claudia Emerson. Let’s remember their contributions to the written word by bookmarking these two interviews. In this Paris Review interview, Mark Strand (Blizzard of One) explains the difference between prose writers and poets, and confesses his love for Philip Roth.
“Well, I think a poet’s focus is not quite what a prose writer’s is; it’s not entirely on the world outside. It’s fixed on that area where the inside meets the outside, where the poet’s sensibility meets the weather, meets the street, meets other people, meets what he reads.” – Mark Strand
In this Birmingham Poetry Review interview, Claudia Emerson (Late Wife) reveals why she reads in a quiet poetic voice and the way she resists the passing of time.
“My lens happens to be language, the highly ordered language of poetry. It's a slow exposure, though, and a poem can take anywhere from days to years for me to bring it to its finest clarity.” – Claudia Emerson