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Bookmark This: Sacha A. Howells On Being Chosen as an Emerging Voices Fellow

This week, Sacha A. Howells reflects on being accepted as a 2012 Emerging Voices Fellow and how that vote of confidence pushed him towards his writing journey. Read his take below: 
"Writers spend a lot of time alone in rooms with cold, blank screens—there’s no other way to do what we do. But, especially when we’re new to writing, that isolation brings along a litany of doubts. Is what I want to say worth saying? Will the images and ideas in my head ever come out how I want them to on the page? Am I good enough?
'You needed this,' my writing teacher, Lou Mathews, said when I heard that I’d been selected as an Emerging Voices Fellow. 'It’s time to take yourself seriously as a writer.' Because that’s what this program does. No matter what you’ve achieved, how much or how little you’ve had published, being chosen as an Emerging Voices Fellow is a vote of confidence in the value and potential of your work—someone believes in you. 
Suddenly, you’re forced to put writing first, to devote your time and mental energy to it, to give readings in front of dozens (and then hundreds) of strangers, to think about literature and engage with current authors, to consider your own work in the spectrum of those who’ve come before.
The Emerging Voices Fellowship does many wonderful things. It introduces you to Los Angeles’s wide, generous writing community. It pairs you with a mentor to work closely with you over months. It exposes you weekly to writers and poets who share their work and their ideas. It shows you how to give back to that literary community. But, most importantly, it makes you take yourself seriously as a writer. 
So apply. You need this." 
To apply for the Emerging Voices Fellowship and for more information, click here.