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Bookmark This: When Are You Really Done?

In online magazine Lit Central/OC, writer Cynthia Romanowski shares her struggle with being unable to complete the first draft, a fear that both emerging and seasoned authors face again and again. Romanowski cites an essay by author David Ulin that details his own frustration and how he learned to accept the uncertainty of writing that first draft to allow the narrative to develop uncontrolled. The essay is an honest exploration of the difficulty of letting go of control and completing a first draft. 
“I liked (and why not?) the idea of being a writer better than I liked writing, which to this day remains an unsteady process, a balancing act between expectation and an almost willful lack of expectation, between my aspiration and my failure, between what I want and what I cannot do. I’m familiar with this now, this ongoing frustration, but then, it used to drive me crazy, the imperfection that sets in with the first written word.” – David Ulin