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Writers’ Reel: Celebrate National Poetry Month with Kwame Dawes!

April is National Poetry Month. What better way to mark the first day than by watching this animated video, courtesy of The Poetry Foundation, illustrating Kwame Dawes’s poem “Tornado Child.” Dawes is the author of over a dozen books. His most recent collection of poems is titled Duppy Conqueror and was released by Copper Canyon Press. Watch the video, then go hug a poet!
I am a tornado child
         born in the whirl of clouds; the center crumbled,
         then I came. My lovers know the blast of my chaotic giving;
         they tremble at the whip of my supple thighs;
         you cross me at your peril, I swallow light
         when the warm of anger lashes me into a spin,
         the pine trees bend to me swept in my gyrations.” – Kwame Dawes