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Writers’ Reel: Louise Erdrich on Doing What You Love

It’s that time of year when commencement speeches abound and students all over the states are graduating and entering the “real” world. In this week’s video, we feature author Louise Erdrich as she addresses the Dartmouth Class of 2009. Even if you are not walking down the aisle in your cap and gown, you’ll find inspiration in Erdrich’s empowering words as she urges the graduating class to take knowledge with love. 

“So don’t hold back, don’t punt. DO WHAT YOU LOVE BEST. Make your life doing what you love best, but do it as if it meant you were out to save the world. Because you are. And if you are criticized and not every one agrees with you, say to yourself, I must be doing something original, and if your efforts are rejected, say, 'I will persevere,' and if your work fails at first, fail again, fail better, until you triumph.”