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Writers’ Reel: Patti Smith Remembering Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf took her life on March 281941 at the age of 59. She was the author of fifteen books, countless essays and even ran a publishing press Hogarth Press. There’s no question that she left quite the mark on the literary world that can still be felt to this day. In this Open Culture post, musician and poet Patti Smith marks the day of Woolf’s passing by giving her own thoughts as to why she left and by reading a selection from Woolf’s novel The Waves

“For myself, I believe she made this decision consciously. It was what she needed to do as a human being and so I do not think of this as sad. I just think it’s the day that Virginia Woolf decided to say goodbye. We are not celebrating the day, we are simply acknowledging that this is the day. If I had a title to call tonight, I would call it Wave. We are waving to Virginia.” – Patti Smith


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