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Writers’ Reel: Three Authors Tackle Grief Through Art


This week we look at how three authors wrote wrote about the lose of loved ones.

Poet Edward Hirsch recently spoke to NPR on his book-length elegy, Gabriel, a narrative poem about the unexpected death of his 22-year-old son. In the interview, Hirsch argues that there is no “right way to grieve.”

“As soon as something happens to us in America, everyone begins talking about healing. But before you heal, you have to mourn. And I found that poetry doesn't shield you from grief, but it does give you an expression of that grief.” – Edward Hirsch

Listen to the rest of his interview here.

Authors Joyce Carol Oates and Meghan O’Rourke both wrote first-person accounts about losing a loved one. In this 2011 New York Times article, the authors explained how they used writing as a way to find solace.

“Profound losses leave us paralyzed and mute, unable really to comprehend them, still less to speak coherently about them. – Joyce Carol Oates

Click here to read the full interview.