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Writers' Reel: C. S. Lewis on your "Right to Happiness."

C. S. Lewis wrote more than thirty books, including the much-beloved children's series The Chronicles of Narnia. In honor of what would have been the author’s birthday last week, watch this great doodle depicting one of Lewis’s final essays, titled “We Have No (Unlimited) Right to Happiness,” where the author considers the issue of sexual morality.

“When two people achieve lasting happiness, this is not solely because they are great lovers but because they are also—I must put it crudely—good people; controlled, loyal, fair-minded, mutually adaptable people.”

“If we establish a "right to (sexual) happiness" which supersedes all the ordinary rules of behavior, we do so not because of what our passion shows itself to be in experience but because of what it professes to be while we are in the grip of it.”

To read the full essay, click here.