Italian Journalist Threatened for Investigative Reporting on Organized Crime

Antonio Aldo Papaleo
UPDATE (September 9, 2014): Juraj Juraibka, the head of the money-laundering scheme uncovered by Mr. Papaleo, has been sentenced to four years of imprisonment. This does not mean danger has subsided for Mr. Papaleo. He was recently stabbed in a still-murky incident while in hiding in Thailand. It is not certain whether this attack is related to his testimony.
Understandably, he continues to fear for his life. We renew our call to the competent authorities to do everything in their power to protect him for as long as he remains in danger for his journalism.

PEN Center USA is deeply concerned for the safety of Antonio Aldo Papaleo, an Italian journalist whose life is being threatened for his work investigating organized crime in Hong Kong and Prague. Mr. Papaleo edits the Slovakian online newspaper La Voce.
In 2012, Mr. Papaleo infiltrated criminal circles that were involved in money laundering in the Czech Republic and Hong Kong. Mr. Papaleo’s reporting led to the arrest of the ringleader of this underworld. Papaleo has since received numerous death threats.
PEN Center USA calls on the Italian and Slovakian governments to immediately take necessary steps to protect the safety of Mr. Papaleo. He has been driven into hiding because of his work. These threats must not be taken lightly. Journalists all over the world are routinely threatened, murdered, and intimidated because of their work. We call on European authorities to provide for the protection of Mr. Papaleo for as long as he is in danger.
Your appeals will be sent to the Italian and Slovak Ministries of Justice. Mr. Papaleo is being threatened solely for reporting news and information regarding criminal cases. These entities have a duty to ensure that Mr. Papaleo is able to safely and openly continue his vital work.

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