Reporter Survives Attack One Day After Another Journalist Found Dead in Mexico

Reporter Survives Attack One Day After Another Journalist Found Dead in Mexico

Once again the world and the Mexican people stand in horror at the killing of another journalist. The Mexican government must put an end to the impunity that exists for crimes against journalists, which makes a sham of democracy.
— Jennifer Clement, President of PEN International

On February 10, 2016, Pedro Sala García, a correspondent for Tabasco Hoy, a daily newspaper in the southern Mexican state of Tabasco, survived an attack by armed men in his home. The gunmen beat Sala García unconscious during the attack, but fled after his wife called for help from their neighbors. This occurred only one day after the body of Anabel Flores Salazar, who covered crime for the newspaper El Sol de Orizaba, was found on the side of a highway in the state of Puebla, adjacent to Flores’ home state of Veracruz. She had been abducted from her home on Monday by armed men, while feeding her 15-day old baby.

The 32-year old mother of two is the third journalist to be killed in Mexico in 2016. She was pregnant with her second child when she began investigating mysterious deaths of teenage girls in Veracruz. After her death, the state prosecutor’s office once again, pledged that the incident would be fully investigated, but also suggested she was at least partly to blame, citing her alleged ties with organized crime.

An open letter from Anabel Flores Salazar's colleagues in Veracruz, condemning her murder and demanding action, was published on PEN America's website on February 11, 2016. More than 100 media workers have been killed or disappeared in Mexico since 2000, the highest number anywhere in the world. Most of these crimes go unsolved, and remain improperly investigated. This must end.

PEN Center USA condemns the attack on Pedro Salas García, the murder of Anabel Flores Salazar, and the unending pattern of murders and disappearances of countless other journalists in Mexico.

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