Only Light Can Do That


On November 9, 2016, The Rattling Wall and PEN Center USA put out a call for post-election poems, stories, and essays. People had six days to send their “protest, promise, rage, and wonder.” Work poured in from across the country. Not just from writers, but from teachers, doctors, activists, analysts, moms, dads, even school kids. We announced that, if we received enough work, we would immediately go into production on an anthology, a collection of voices. We would rise up. ONLY LIGHT CAN DO THAT is that anthology.


Only Light Can Do That: Booktalk + Signing
Friday, April 14, 2017
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Laguna College of Art + Design
2222 Laguna Canyon Rd. Laguna Beach California 92651

Come hear authors reading their work from the new anthology, ONLY LIGHT CAN DO THAT — 100 Post-Election Poems, Stories & Essays. Emceed by the wonderful Michelle Franke—who is the book's editor, the Executive Director of PEN Center USA, and the founding editor of The Rattling Wall, a literary journal. Sure to be a great evening full of great people and great literature. It won't be sad. It'll be huge!

Get the anthology now with a donation of $15:

Books will ship within two weeks of purchase.

Adam Grabowski
Alan Soldofsky
Alfredo Aguilar
Amy Small-McKinney
Amy Wallen
Andrea Danielle De La Selva
Andrew Tonkovich
Angela Montijo
Anna DiMartino
Anna Papachristos
Araceli Colato
Bonnie Chau
Bridgett Taylor
Cara Murray
Catherine Rockwood
Chelsea Bayouth
Chelsea Sutton
Chris Camargo
Cruz J. Ramirez
D. W. Jacobs
Dan Mirk
Dan Roberts
Dante Matero
Danyang Fang
David L. Ulin
David Nestor
Dean Rader
Deborah Bacharach
Denise Emanuel Clemen
Désirée Zamorano
Dina L. Relles
Douglas Wood
Emily Dusedau
Eoin Mac Guibhir
Erik Ehlert
Grant Hier
Heather Duncan
Iris De Anda
Janet Fitch
Jeff Eyres
Jen Hofer
Jen Karetnick
Jennifer Ruby
Jeremy Radin
Jessica Ceballos
Jessica Garrison
Jim Ruland
Justin Catron
Kari Hawkey

Kayleb Rae Candrilli
Kelly Thompson
Kenji C. Liu
Kim Sousa
Kimberly Gomes
Kit Emslie
Lauren Candia
Leah Griesmann
Lisa Alvarez
Lori D’Angelo
Mae Respicio
Maite Zabala-Alday
Margaret Spilman
Marissa Korbel
Martin Pousson
Mary Guterson
Marytza K. Rubio
Michelle Brittan Rosado
Miguel M. Morales
Moeko Noda
Nancy Lynée Woo
Nancy Spiller
Natalie Lima
Natalie Mislang Mann
Nisha Malhotra
Olivia Morreale
Paul Krantz
Peter Graves Roberts
Prakash J. Kamalnath
Rev. Katie Trinter
Rosa Boshier
Ruby Lucas
Ruth Kogen Goodwin
Ruth Nolan
Ryan Kelly
S.D.C. Parker
Sahar Kachroo
Sally Charette
Sasha R. Moghimi - Kian
Shawna Kenney
Sophie Ulin
Tala Abu Rahmeh
Victoria Melekian
Violeta M. Tablilla- Esquivel
Wendy Labinger
Yennie Cheung
Zoe Fisher
Zoë Ruiz

Michelle Franke

The Rattling Wall is supported by PEN Center USA. PEN Center USA is supported by Herb Alpert Foundation, Kayne Foundation, The Rosenthal Family Foundation, UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, and The National Endowment for the Arts.