“We learned to write what we feel without fear.”
--Student, Downtown Magnet High School

“The program let my students recognize that authors are ‘regular’ people (with talent) and helped them to see the talent within themselves.”
--Sarah Schact, Teacher, Culver City High School

“The process of writing about their joys, fears, and past history taught students to understand the power of creative writing and encouraged them to pursue their education to the highest levels, not only for themselves, their community, but also for those who would deny it of them.”
--Alejandro Morales, PEN in the Classroom writer

"I just wanted to thank you for your support. My students are over the moon about the PEN publication. Word has spread around campus. Teachers and students who have heard about the project come by to read excerpts from it or ask to borrow a copy. This was truly one of the best classroom experiences I’ve ever had the privilege to work on/observe in my fourteen years in the LAUSD. There’s something wildly valuable and rare for students to stay focused on one piece of writing week in and week out for three months. That’s why many of them were able to look deep inside, explore emotions that they often are afraid to examine, and write wonderful and moving essays. Thanks again for offering my students this opportunity.

My students are arranging for a reading of their work on campus. I’ll keep you informed.”
--Dennis Danziger, Pacific Palisades Charter High School
March 11, 2008