After receiving a request for a PITC residency, the PEN office will coordinate a residency.   PITC instructors are asked to align their lesson plans with the California Arts & Language Content Standards.  Instructors are selected from PEN’s diverse membership to best match the needs of the school where they will complete their residency.  Working with the classroom teacher, the PITC instructor will develop a tailored curriculum.  An instructor’s residency is comprised of a teacher/writer meeting; in-class writing workshops; publication of a student anthology; and a culminating public reading.

PITC Instructors will develop a tailored curriculum before the start of the residency. The curricula are often genre-specific, meaning students will write poetry, fiction, plays, or creative nonfiction. A typical residency combines selected readings with classroom discussions and thematically linked writing exercises. Students will be expected to participate in discussions and complete in-class writing assignments. Homework and creative projects may also be assigned. Though the instructor will run the workshops and provide written feedback to the students, it is the responsibility of the classroom teacher to ensure credit is given for completion of assignments and to maintain control of the classroom (though this is seldom an issue). Student work will be collected by the instructor at the end of their residency and published by PEN USA in an anthology.  PEN hosts a public reading of student work and will provide each student with copies of the anthology.

Instructors typically conduct in-class workshops once a week, for a period of twelve weeks. Classes are one hour, depending on the school schedule. In the case of block scheduling, workshops are adjusted accordingly.

Writers are paid a stipend for each writing workshop, as well as for compiling a student anthology.

If you are a classroom teacher who would like to host a PITC instructor or a PEN member interested in conducting a residency, contact the PEN USA Program Manager, Michelle Meyering, to receive an application.